Bariatric Pressure Air Convertible

Pressure mapping indicates the Natural Form Pressure Air Convertible displaces the body with an averagepressure of 16.3 mmHg providing outstanding pressure displacement and redistribution to assist in the prevention and treatment of stage I through IV pressure ulcers.

  • Closed System (Static Air) can quickly convert to an Alternating Pressure Mattress
  • Eight non-circular cylinders prevent "rolling" or "gapping"* and are fully enclosed in a fiber mesh sleeve and jacket
  • Whisper Air control unit is simple, quiet and set at the optimum 10 minute cycle to eliminate guesswork for the caregiver
  • 2.5" Natural Form Certi-Pur Hybrid Visco-elastic top layer does not raise body heat as with standard visco-elastic foam
  • DermaPlush Infinite Stretch cover is fluid proof, air-permeable (breathable) and reduces friction and patient shear
*Rolling or gapping occurs when a resident's arms or bony prominences push between the cylinders that are not properly supported on all sides. WCW recognizes this can occur in cylinders that are circular in shape and have no flat bottom to prevent rolling or gapping between cylinders.

Use of the Natural Form Pressure Air Convertible will eliminate the need for:

  • costly rental and storage of mattresses that are only used on an as needed basis
  • moving and transporting mattresses from room to room
  • overlays that are low in profile and do not provide adequate support or therapeutic benefit

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