Natural Form® XL 9000

The Natural Form Medical XL 9000 is our "Best in Class" Frame and manufactured to handle the optimal care for your Patients and Residents. It can expand from 35" to 42" wide and 76" to 84" in length. The XL 9000 offers superior quality, features and functionality. It goes to 6 1/2" low (XL 9000L) which is the lowest in the industry. The XL 9000 goes as low as 6 7/8" to 30 7/8" height. It will roll at any height. The XL 9000 series uses a track system instead of noisy, maintenance prone, ball bearing system. The XL 9000 track system provides ease of movement (gliding), with extremely quiet operation and a system that is all but indestructible.

The Natural Form XL 9000 was also manufactured with the care giver in mind. It is extremely user-friendly, has an optional embedded foot board control, and pendant control, and we believe works with the Care Giver better than any frame on the market. Nurses are the second highest accident reported profession, behind construction and we know that our XL 9000 frame can be a great benefit to the care giver as well as patient and resident.

Quick Specs:

  • 500lb Weight Capacity
  • 76", 80" and 84" Sleep Surface
  • 35" Base Width
  • 42" Width Expansion optional
  • 30 7/8" Bed High (Roll at any Height)
  • 6 7/8" Bed Low (Roll at any Height)
  • 6 1/2" Bed Low XL9000L
  • 15 yr Warranty
  • 3 yr Electrics Warranty
  • Lifetime Warranty all Welds

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