Pressure Air Hybrid

The Natural Form Pressure Air Hybrid is extremely comfortable, yet cost-effective pressure redistribution mattress consisting of the very best hybrid visco-elastic memory foam top layer and a die cut polyurethane base layer designed to enhance patient comfort while managing patient shear and partial thickness pressure ulcers.

Natural Form Pressure Air Hybrid Pressure Management Mattress

The Pressure Air Hybrid Mattress features high density Hybrid visco-elastic "memory foam", which provides optimal comfort and therapeutic support for residents in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The base layer, a die cut polyurethane foam is designed to prevent the mattress from bottoming out and contains a 5 degree heel slope which allows for pressure offloading of the lower extremities. Available in three standard sizes with side bolster options. Please inquire regarding custom size availability. The Pressure Air Hybrid carries a five year warranty and is 100% latex free.

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